Diversifying Your Portfolio
Through Real Estate Acquisitions

As a real estate private equity investment company, Bayberry Capital Group purchases, restores, and sells broken-down properties throughout New York and the Tri-state area. We are looking for potential investors who are interested in investing in real estate to diversify their investment portfolios, preserve their capital, and hedge their portfolio. Contact us to learn more.

Development & Restoration Process

  • Develop: Utilize standard contracts by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) with the developer, builder, or contractor. The development phase begins if the project is new construction.
  • Restore: Secure a contract with the contractor so the restoration process can begin.
  • Manage: A managing member handles the project.
  • Soft Cost: Costs include utilities, such as electric, gas, and water, as well as insurance, including a high-limit liability policy, and property taxes.

Investment Opportunity

  • Ability to Participate in Larger Scale Development Project Investments
  • Diversified Portfolio of Assets
  • Existing Pipeline of Deals
  • Extensive Network to Source Deals
  • Capable of Accepting Individual IRA Money
  • Projected Higher-Than-Market Returns

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